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Story books

Absolutely Whootie: Stories to Grow By
Join Whootie the Owl for a big collection of folk and fairy tales from around the world, plus games and coloring pages too!

Adventures of Banph
A beautifully illustrated story about a Carpenter ant named Banph. Includes a detailed art section where you can learn to draw Banph.

Aesop's Fables
A nice collection of Aesop's Fables, some of which are animated using Flash. Original and modern versions of the tales are available, although some of the modern versions are not finished as of yet.

Aesop's Fables Online Collection
A vast treasure trove of 655+ of Aesop's wise fables, fairy tales and other holiday stories, indexed in table format with morals listed. Some are illustrated or read aloud with Real Audio.

Andersen Fairy Tales
Read along as you hear the story of Princess Kayla told to you. Is she the Real Princess the Prince has been searching for so long? Only the Queen knows how to find out for sure! Features attractive graphics and animation.

AntBee's Childrens' Stories
Choose from a nice selection of stories to read like Hilburt the Halibut, A Fishy Tale, Herman the Hippo, Horrible Screaming Monsters, and Silly Willy. Each is professionally illustrated with bright, colorful artwork. More stories are promised in the future.

BeanTime Stories
Join Tippity Witchet at her windmill house as she shares 4 very nicely illustrated stories with you. Also includes a number of preschool activities.

Bedtime Story
Contains a wealth of illustrated stories in a variety of different subjects.

Between the Lions
Based on the PBS children's series, this great site features an entertaining new story each week for you to read. You'll also find story-related games, a "word helper", literacy tips, an extensive collection of things to print, and lots more.

Billy Gnome's Bedtime Stories
The adventures of Billy Gnome, his twin brother Charlie and their friends. Also included at the site is a slide puzzle and musical bug chorus.
Read fairy tales, interactive stories, nursery rhymes, and holiday stories. Some of the stories can be read to you if you have the Real Audio Player.

Children's Reading Room
Join Bunny the stuffed animal and his toy friends Mugsy, Blue Penguin, Sharky, Fred-2000 and others, for a cute collection of stories written for 3 to 9 year old children. Colorful illustrations accompany each of Bunny's exciting adventures.

Visit the animated land of CYKE and learn about emotions at Adventure Station, read interactive stories at Mullet Point, or visit other areas to learn about animals, US states and presidents, parts of the body, and much more.

Giggle Poetry
Read funny poems, see how fast you and your friends can read a tongue twister, enter poetry contests, or challenge yourself with fill-in-the-blank poems. Includes tips on how you can become a "giggle poet" too!

Grimm Fairy Tales
Read along as you listen to Rick Miller tell the tale of four animal friends in The Brementown Musicians. As you read, press the "Play" button on each page to activate the nice animations that accompany the story.

Hans Wilhelm's Storytime
Hans Wilhelm has written and illustrated over 100 books for children and adults. Visit his site to read one of his nicely illustrated children's stories.

Lil' Fingers Storybooks
Lil' Fingers Storybooks is a great collection of animated stories that parents can read with their toddlers. Each story includes child-friendly features and introduces subjects like counting, colors, shapes, facial expressions, and more. A fun assortment of games and activities is also included.
Join Merpy and her friends for a fun new interactive adventure every month. Each is wonderfully animated and is accompanied by a delightful musical score. Stories in Spanish are also available.

MysteryNet's Kids Mysteries
Mysteries to solve, scary stories, magic tricks, and contests. Contains a new mystery every week. Enter a writing contest and you could win a prize.

Ongoing Tales - Literature from the Past
A nice collection of old-time fairy tales, children's stories, fables, poetry, and bible stories, complete with illustrations. Includes well-known and lesser-known tales of out of copyright books. New stories are promised on the first of each month.

Room 108 - Kids Activity Center
The nicely made animated stories are the main focus of this site, but you'll also find games, educational activities, music, a pen pal section, and more.

Here's a great story site for preschool and elementary age children! Currently there are 7 stories available for preschool readers and 1 for older children, with more promised. Each has great graphics, animation and sound effects. Activities, both online and and "take home" are included. A must-see! (Flash required)

Wacky Web Tales
Geared for grades 4 and above, this site first asks you for nouns, verbs, and other words which it then enters into a story. A wacky tale is the result!
WonderVista's goal is to get children reading, and they do so with a nice assortment of stories, a new one appearing each week. An activity page, containing coloring pages, dot-to-dots, mazes, and other fun stuff, is included after each story.