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Games for All Ages

Alive Games
Choose from an excellent collection of wacky games at this bright orange site. You can play the games online, or even download them to play on your computer if you like. Also includes a selection of downloadable screen savers.

Fun, fast-paced battleship clone. Simple graphics, but they do the job.

Asteroid Command
Protect your cities from asteroids! This fun missile-command type game is a blast in more ways than one!

The object of this 3D game is to use your paddle to hit the ball against a wall, revealing an image in the process. Can you do it without grabbing the ball with the Shift key?
Choose from a fun selection of online games, like Balloon Drop, where you drop water balloons from the top of a building on unsuspecting targets below. Takes a while to load with a slower connection.

Brick Invaders
Destroy the bricks before they get you in this new look at the classic brick and paddle game.

Cartoon Network Games
Play over 100 games featuring your favorite Cartoon Network pals! Most of the games are free, but a few are demos that you can try before buying.

Check Out Line
The store is really busy today, so it's up to you to help get the customers out! The bigger the group of same-color customers you help leave, the more points you earn. And remember, today's special is kumquats!

Creature or Not!
Travel the world and guess whether the creatures the natives tell you about are real or fake. There's only one real creature per map so guess carefully!

Cube of Concentration
Spin the cube and match the symbols in this tricky memory game. For an easier game, turn off HIDDEN; turn off COLORS if you'd like a harder game.

Dogs Playing Poker
Take some time out to play a nice game of poker against Rex, Fido, Puddles, and Spot. Watch out, they bluff! Fun graphics and gameplay.

The Fruit Game
Can you be the one who takes the last pieces of fruit from the table? Play this tricky game and find out if you have what it takes to beat the computer! Be sure to read the instructions, and good luck! (You'll need it!)
Saddle up and head on over to the FunRanch for a great bunch of Shockwave games. You'll find Fenced In, Air Hockey, Brickball, and more, all well-designed with nice graphics and sound effects.

Haunted Carnival
Throw poison apples at the ghosts and goblins in this creepy game.

Kratts' Creatures: Who Lives Here?!?
Uh oh! Dr. Snaggletooth is stealing the world's animals! It's up to you to get them back and return each to their home in this fun adventure game.

Motif Backgammon
Here's a challenging version of Backgammon that you can play online! Try to outwit the computer and get your pieces off the board before it does. Complete rules are available for those who are new to the game. Try it, it's a lot of fun!

Classic game where you surround your opponent's pieces to try and end up with the most pieces on the board. The Peanut Butter and Jelly Wars (below) puts a fun creative spin on this game.

The Peanut Butter and Jelly Wars
Choose to be peanut butter or jelly in this Othello-like game, then battle for supremacy as you try and cover as much of the bread as you can.

Peanuts Game Gallery
Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and Linus are waiting for you to join them in this fun selection of games. Includes word puzzles, plus a challenging but winnable baseball match between Charlie Brown and Snoopy.

Pretty Good Darts
Play a round of darts against a friend or the computer in this nicely done, but tricky game.
In the mood for a fun collection of games that might just teach you something at the same time? Practice your math skills in games like Lemonade Larry and Batter's Up Baseball, or relax with a game of checkers, connect the dots, or a word or maze game. Over 30 games and quizzes in all.

Puzzability Puzzles
Looking for a fun assortment of challenging word games? You'll find a great collection here, updated regularly, and written by a team who should know a thing or two about puzzles; 3 former editors of Games magazine. Don't forget your thinking cap!

Puzzle Choice
Features fun puzzles and games for kids of all ages. You'll find printable and online crossword puzzle, word search, and brain teaser games, along with free teacher resources, and much more.

Say What?
A cross between a television show and hangman where you have to guess a quotation. Guess fast for a higher score, but watch out, because you lose points for every letter you guess wrong!

This game is a blast - a snow blast in fact! Use your mouse to move the red team then release the mouse button to throw a snowball. (The longer you hold the button, the farther it goes.) Get them before they get you!

Something Fishy
You're Walter the fish. Eat fish smaller than you to grow, but avoid the bigger fish. (who will eat you!) As you grow, don't grow over-confident because there's always a bigger fish in the pond...

Squigly's Games
Blast, dig, and think your way though this nice collection of games, that has a little something for everyone. Classic game fans will especially enjoy Tempest and Centipedo.

Star Bears: The Fandom Menace
As Fluffy the Bear, you'll storm the DeathBear in this Star Wars spoof. Defeat 3 opponents and kiss the princess to win the game. May the fur-ce be with you!

Think Ahead
Get more points than the computer in this fun strategic game of numbers. Remember, picking the highest number in a row is not always the best choice... think ahead and use strategy to keep the computer's choices as low as possible, while keeping yours as high as possible! GameCentral
Choose from lots of fun online games and activites, like SweetTarts 3D, Wonka Block Party, and more.

World Magazine
Dare to explore at this fun National Geographic site! You'll find interesting articles, online games, "Try This" activities, (like the Weird-O-Meter, to find out how weird you really are), brainteasers, plus lots of other surprises.

Games for Younger Kids

Alphabet Action
Learn the alphabet with this interactive activity. Click on a letter to hear its name and see a picture.

Big Comfy Couch Games
Join Loonette, Molly, and the Dustbunnies for 6 fun online games which help to teach preschoolers about letters, numbers, colors, and telling time.

Bob the Builder
A visit to Bob the Builder's town is always full of fun and interesting things to do. Help Bob put away the tools in his tool shed, assemble radiator pipes in Wendy's home, help Mr. Dixon with his deliveries, or choose from six other activities.

Dora the Explorer
Get ready for fun and adventure with Dora the Explorer and her best friend, Boots! Play online games, read a story, learn how to say words in English and Spanish, color a picture online, plus lots more.

Fun With Spot
At this Official Spot Website you can play interactive games when you visit the park, beach, farm, or join Spot at a party. Also included are activity sheets, a biography of Spot's creator, Eric Hill, plus much more.

Join the gooey gang at GameGoo for a delightful collection of activities made for children in the Kindergarten through 2nd Grade age groups. Each game teaches as it entertains and features spiffy graphics, animation, and sound effects. Get your share of gooey fun today!

Rolie Polie Olie
You've seen Rolie Polie Olie on TV, now visit him on his web site! Play a game, make your own picture, color, listen to the Rolie Polie Band, or read a book and help find Spot.

The Teletubbies have a ton of fun in store for you! Choose from dozens of games, activities, nursery rhymes, and more.

How To

The vast majority of games in these sections require that you have either the Shockwave plug-in installed on your computer or a Java compatible browser before you can play them. If you don't have Shockwave, be sure to download and install it first.

Please note that some browsers play Java games better than others. Also, the faster your computer, the better Java games will play. If the animation speed of a Java game isn't entirely smooth on your machine, one or the other could be to blame.